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We create the perfect environment for successful B2C and B2B e-commerce marketplaces with exclusive PIM and MAM solutions.

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We love fashion as much as we love clever data management. Since 2004, we have been helping fashion and lifestyle brands to successfully tap into digital markets.

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We want your data to be inspiring, interesting and emotionally engaging for users in the digital world. Our many years of experience in data management allow us to present you with an efficient solution that saves both time and effort. With the right systems in place, all of your data can be distributed to your various channels in a bundled, uniform and structured manner via a single interface point, allowing you to serve the digital market effectively, efficiently, professionally and quickly. We are your perfect sparring partner. We drive your company forward and get your employees on-board with empathy and convincing arguments – always putting your core brand values first.

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Sandra Herdering, CEO S.HE Business, has spoken about Digital Transformation with our Partner ContentServ.
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