About us

S.HE Business


Founded in 2004, S.HE Business has always covered new ground in digital product management in the sectors for fashion and lifestyle. In the development of a product data management system or when perfecting your various process workflows and interface points – S.HE Business always pursues one particular objective: offering customers the best possible solution for their path into the digital world.

Your data is in good hands with us

Everything begins with meticulous data management for each individual product. Too often neglected, the quality of your data is a key factor for how your products and your company as a whole is perceived. S.HE Business assists companies in presenting their product data attractively, innovatively, and most of all: effectively.

From the ground up

S.HE Business is led by Sandra Herdering. She got a foot in the door of the fashion world at an early age, starting her career as an apprentice dressmaker. That was followed by an engineering degree and later business studies, after which she founded S.HE Business. Her comprehensive knowledge allowed the Ahaus-native to think outside the box with S.HE Business and to offer customers that important little bit extra on their road to success in terms of innovation, creativity and efficiency.

S.HE BUSINESS could be your perfect partner for a prosperous future. Talk to us!

Ahaus innovation hub

The Münsterland region is one of the pioneering locations for IT and eCommerce. That is particularly true for the city of Ahaus, which could easily take the title as the Silicon Valley of the Münsterland region. In the IT sector in particular, Ahaus is a force to be reckoned with, which is no least due to the fact that the city is also the home of Tobit.Software – a company that has made software more accessible via innovative projects for many years. It comes as no surprise then that S.HE Business has made a home in the middle of this hub of creativity. Its close proximity to Gescher with the head office of d.velop and our partner Shopware is another great plus for the location in the western part of the Münsterland region.